Cocktail Glasses

We’ve put together this guide detailing the essential cocktail glasses you’ll need for serving up tasty tropical drinks.

4 Essential Cocktail Glasses for Your Home Bar

There are dozens of different types of cocktail glasses, and yes, knowing which one to use for the drink you’re making is important to know and be able to distinguish. Here we’ve put together the 4 essential cocktail glasses you’ll need to start making Cuban cocktails.

Which cocktail glasses do I need for Cuban cocktails?

Each drink is different. They have their own characteristics, aromas, flavors, etc. The glassware you use to serve a cocktail can help to emphasize the drink, and not just with its appearance. If you’re gonna be making Cuban cocktails, you’ll need these glasses to start off with.


This glass is hands down my favorite cocktail glass of all time (if you haven’t noticed by my Instagram yet…). For me it’s the most elegant and makes any beginner look like a pro. This glass was originally used with champagne but today it is more common to find cocktails like Daiquirís and Margaritas.

Rocks or Lowball

In addition to “Rocks” and “Lowball” this glass is also known as the Old Fashioned glass and it is easy to guess why. It is ubiquitous with whiskey and drinks made with whiskey. Just add a cube of ice in the drink and you’re good to go. But you’ll also find rum drinks in them like Mai Tais and the Rum Old Fashioned.

Collins or Highball

The Collins glass is perfect for cocktails that use “dashes” or “splashes” of sodas or other tropical juices. For example, the Cuba Libre and the Mojito work well in these types of drinks because these drinks are topped off with soda. In other shorter glasses there would not be enough volume to replicate the same recipe and presentation.


These glasses are tall, wide, and hold a lot of drink. You’ll find many drinks where tropical juices are a key component such as the Piña Colada and the Sex On the Beach.

Now that you have the essential cocktail glasses to start making Cuban cocktails, well… Go make some! Good luck. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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